Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tumblin' Rudy Two

By Michael J.W. Stickings

As we saw in "Tumblin' Rudy One" (see here), Rudy Giuliani -- shameless exploiter of 9/11, would-be torturer-in-chief, and neo-fascist thug -- is struggling mightily in Florida, one of his prime targets, a state he needs to win, or to come close to winning, to have any shot at the nomination.

As it looks now, he won't win it, he won't even come close to winning it, and he has no shot at the nomination. He's doing badly in the polls, coming in third or fourth in most of them, and he has no momentum whatsoever. Low expectations could be easy to beat, and, given the myopia of the media, beating expectations would give him a boost. But not nearly enough of a boost. Rudy, it is safe to say, is done.

All this while spending money with pointless abandon, enough money to bankrupt his campaign, enough money to put him out the race, and out of our misery, no matter the results in Florida.

So much for his self-styled cult of personality, so much for the phony 9/11 mythology, so much for his massively egotistical strategy to ignore the early states in favour of a national campaign.

It doesn't matter much to me what he chooses to do from here -- I despise the GOP and he won't win anyway -- but it's a genuine pleasure to witness such abject failure from such a loathsome creature.

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