Thursday, January 24, 2008

The state of the climate... is not good

By Michael J.W. Stickings

Please take the time to read Gary Hart's "State of the Climate" piece at HuffPo. Then go check out the University of Colorado's Presidential Climate Action Project, where fantastic work is being done on the most pressing crisis of our time.

Here are "ten steps that must be taken before the 44th president delivers the next state of the union address," which is to say, over the next year:

  • Recognize that climate change transcends politics and partisanship;
  • To reverse our catastrophic slide, accept that sacrifices will be required;
  • Acknowledge that climate action requires a new national energy policy;
  • Recognize that our national security is at stake with climate deterioration;
  • Begin transition to a post-carbon economy. Opening new economic opportunities for all segments of society;
  • Impliment concrete climate action at home to set the stage for engaging other nations;
  • Break the hold of entrenched special interests over our climate policy;
  • Make a major investment in federal earth sciences research;
  • Evaluate products and energy supplies for climate impact over their lives;
  • Recognize that climate change is the leadership issue of our times.

"If this is our defining moment, then let us be known as people of courage, morality, vision and goodwill -- a people who gladly accept the responsibility of ensuring that the America of tomorrow is even better than the America of today. That commitment to the future is required of us if we wish to keep faith with those who founded our nation, with those who have sacrificed for it and with those around the world who look the United States of America for hope."

It is indeed a defining moment -- for all of us. And we must all act if we are to have any hope of succeeding.

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