Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Screw it

By Michael J.W. Stickings

See, now this is funny: "Bill Clinton: 'Screw It, I'm Running For President'":

After spending two months accompanying his wife, Hillary, on the campaign trail, former president Bill Clinton announced Monday that he is joining the 2008 presidential race, saying he "could no longer resist the urge."

"My fellow Americans, I am sick and tired of not being president," said Clinton, introducing his wife at a "Hillary '08" rally. "For seven agonizing years, I have sat idly by as others experienced the joys of campaigning, debating, and interacting with the people of this great nation, and I simply cannot take it anymore. I have to be president again. I have to."

He continued, "It is with a great sense of relief that I say to all of you today, 'Screw it. I'm in.'"

And you know what? He'd get a lot of support.


But you know what's not funny? Dick Morris.

Who wrote this appalling piece on how the Clintons are (allegedly) intentionally trying to turn the Democratic race into "a racial fight". Booker Rising's Shay gives him the benefit of the doubt, but I don't, won't, and never will.

Morris has it in for the Clintons, and it doesn't matter that he worked for them. And all he shows here is that he's a race-baiting idiot.

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