Sunday, January 27, 2008

Obama and the kids

By Creature

OK, I don't want to blog Obama's win to death, but it was big and it was important (no matter how much the Clintons want to ignore it). While I'm not sure the wind at his back blows Hillary away on Super Tuesday, there are many good signs moving forward. Here's Digby with one of them:

Obama, for instance, once again did extremely well among young people of all races, which it seems to me is much more salient than the media have yet to acknowledge. If he keeps this up, we will see an entire generation making its home in the Democratic Party and that is a tremendous advantage.

And, if Hillary wins--especially through the politics of destruction--this generation may be lost. I'm not saying they will become Republicans. I am saying they may just stay home. Just as I did after a few years of Clinton-style slash and burn.

In '92 I was swept up in the inspiration Bill Clinton generated. In '92 I was an idealistic twenty-something searching for change. In '92 I voted for Bill Clinton. By '96 I was done with him. By '96 I gave up on politics all together. By '96 I refused to even vote. By 2000, with my Clinton headache set at migraine, I pulled the lever for Nader (sorry, Al, but, in my defense, I also lived in NY where I knew my liberal vote barely counted).

If the Clintons continue their divisive campaign today's idealistic twenty-something, that are turning out in big numbers for Obama, may just find themselves looking for their own Ralph Nader, and all the hope Digby points to above will be gone.

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