Saturday, January 05, 2008

Last thoughts on Iowa and first thoughts on Obamania

By Libby Spencer

With New Hampshire coming on fast, I posted my last thoughts on Iowa at Newshoggers today. In a nutshell, I still think the real story is that Obama is energizing a subset of voters that haven't been engaged in the process until now. I appreciate that and find it somewhat hopeful but I'm just not excited by Obama any more than I was last week, nor am I particularly enthusiastic about any of the frontrunners. In the final accounting, they're all just professional politicians and not really the kind of leader we need.

Obama may well ride this wave of excitement into the White House and that will surely be an improvement over what we have right now but I just don't see him as an agent of any real change. My fear is that he will fail to live up to his new found supporters' high expectations and all we'll end up with is a whole new class of disgruntled and cynical voters who will drop back out of the process rather than be fooled again.

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