Monday, January 28, 2008

The Coming Showdown -- 2: The latest on FISA intel

By Carol Gee

FISA today -- The United States Senate will take up the "modernization" of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act again in a few minutes. A cloture vote on further debate and action is scheduled for 4:30 PM, ET. I posted about the first FISA showdown last week and often about civil liberties and intelligence in the past. And there is some very good news:

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton To Vote “No” On Cloture Tomorrow UPDATE: Barack Obama Will Be There Too, this from Firedoglake (1/27). From the same source you can see a "Thank You Senator Dodd video," a NY Roots project effort here.

This entire controversy is extremely complicated. Today's post is my attempt to consolidate some of the best references on line. Excellent reads helped fill in the latest for me on the news and issues: Glenn Greenwald's well-written column, Saturday 1/26 is called "More disruptions to the Cheney/Rockefeller plan." EmptyWheel at Firedoglake's column on "Bush's Secret Cyber Initiative" came out on 1/26. And from 1/25 you should also read: "How to Lead: Chris Dodd Edition" and "Reid on FISA, It's up to the President."

Friday I took some action via Jane Hamshire's "Take Action Today" post, below. Using the 800-numbers provided, I talked to the offices of Senators Milulski, Johnson, Landrieu, Nelson (Neb.), Salazar, McCaskill, Specter, and my own senators, Hutchison and Cornyn. Today I talked to the offices of Senators Inouye, Baye and Carper. I asked each staff member to urge their senator to vote against the cloture motion this afternoon. There is still time for you to make some calls, too.

Action Central Resources:

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  • I think that once again this is a case of the congress refusing to listen to a vast majority. Some call it leadership, I call it something else.

    By Blogger Capt. Fogg, at 3:33 PM  

  • hello Carol,
    nice to see you here as well.
    I read your appreciation of my friend Mauro Suttora :) who was happy about it.
    now, would like to like to exchange links or not?!?

    By Blogger Michele Boselli, at 4:39 PM  

  • capt. fogg, Thanks. I agree that the term leadership is a misnomer. Reid really tries my patience.
    miss welby, nice to see you, too.
    Of course, I will reciprocate. I am adding your blog, that sends me lots of readers - thanks - to my Blogroll at South by Southwest.
    Regards, Carol

    By Blogger Carol Gee, at 7:57 AM  

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