Friday, November 30, 2007

Karl Rove, living in an Etch-A-Sketch kind of world

By J. Thomas Duffy

What's going on with the Turd Blossom?

Is he punch-drunk? Does he have that Cell Phone disease? For all his years in the Bush Grindhouse, did he sit too close to those huge screens down in the Situation Room?

Last week, on The Charlie Rose Show, the Smear Meister -- you may want to sit down for this -- blamed Congress for the invasion and occupation (and politicization) of Iraq.

From Think Progress;

ROVE: Charlie– Charlie, I’m not going to tell you the answer to this but I want you to remember you asked me about that because one of the untold stories about the war is why did the United States Congress, the United States Senate, vote on the war resolution in the fall of 2002?

ROSE: Why?

ROVE: This administration was opposed to it. I’m going to talk about that in my book.

ROSE: Tell me, give me–

ROVE: No, no.

ROSE: Give me something.


ROSE: Give me something.

ROVE: I just did. I told you the administration was opposed to voting on it in the fall of 2002.

ROSE: Because?

ROVE: Because we didn’t think it belonged in the confines of the election. We thought it made it too political. We wanted it outside the confines of the election. It seemed it make things move too fast. There were things that needed to be done to bring along allies and potential allies abroad and yet–

ROSE: So you didn’t do it because…?

ROVE: There was a vote, and I’m– I’m–

ROSE: But you were opposed to the vote.

ROVE: It happened. we don’t determine when the Congress vote on things. The Congress does.

ROSE: You wish it hadn’t happened at that time. you would have preferred it did not happen at that time.

ROVE: That’s right.

ROSE: Because your argument– your argument is you would have had maybe more inspections. You would have been able to build a broader coalition. You could have done a whole lot other things if you didn’t have to have a vote, right?

ROVE: Right, right, exactly.

Now, all well in good, but Rove has told so many lies, he's losing track.

It was just earlier this year, in April, that he blamed Osama bin Laden for the war in Iraq.

And, The Garlic noted, how, earlier this month, Herr Karl was blaming the Democrats for all that is wrong in our country (Surprise, Surprise! ... Rove Blames - Can You Guess - The Democrats!), and you can safely bet that he will use his new post, the column at Newsweek, to do some further revisionist spin.

But this Charlie Rose thing, man, that is some serious doodling on the ol' Etch-A-Sketch.

Wasn't The Turd Man supposed to be the genius? Bush's Brain, and all that?

Appearing on Keith Olbermann's Countdown Tuesday evening, to discuss the recent spin, Arianna Huffington, and she laid out the obvious;

"But the only problem is that when 1984 was written, Google and Lexus nexus did not exist. And right now they do. And you could go to the White House Web site and we can go to endless statements about that time. We can go to the fact that Karl Rove and Dick Cheney had created the Iraq study group. Remember the White House‘s main objective was to sell, sell, sell that war. I actually happened to be at a conference in Aspen in September 2002 before that vote when Karl Rove himself spoke and was so a bit about that war. I remember him saying things like we have Rumsfeld‘s new army which is going to basically produce this liberation of Iraq, casualty-free. And he was completely elated about the prospect of dominating the Middle East by invading Iraq."

So there Smear Meister Rove, work that Etch-A-Sketch, and turn, ferverishly, those two little white knobs.

Draw away, your little neocon sand castles, your field of dreams of the Republican Majority.

But everytime you start conjuring, yet, another lie, another spin, another untruth, on The Commander Guy, the regime, and your hand in the contribution to the deterioration of our government, there's going to be an army of people who are going to walk over to you, grab the Etch-A-Sketch out of your hands and shake it, and shake it and shake it, reminding you, with your own words and deeds, that you are in a No Spin Zone.

Heaven help us, you may, some day, be held legally accountable for your actions.

So, you may want to pick up the phone and call some of those cronies you placed in the Justice Department. Ask them which of the penal institutions will allow you to have your little Etch-A-Sketch in your cell.

Hmmm ... You then will have a great deal of time, to perfectly draw out, painstakingly, an exact likeness of, say, a certificate of commutation, or pardon ...

(Cross-posted at The Garlic.)

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  • Michael, I firmly believe in this: Time wounds all heels.

    Question is: Will I live long enough to see this happen?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:18 PM  

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