Monday, November 26, 2007

Another premature victory lap

By Creature

With the news today that the Bush Administration is moving forward with plans to stay in Iraq forever the chicken-hawks are doing a victory dance. This from Gateway Pundit [no link]:

It will be interesting to see what the democrats will have to say about this latest development. Surely, they will be disappointed. After all, it suggests that major fighting against terrorists is drawing down, that the insurgency is beat, that the Iraqis are ready to stand alone, that the US will have an important Middle Eastern base and that Bush wins. It's a Democratic nightmare.

Forget the lives lost and the billions spent. Don't mention tomorrow's dead and the billions more to be spent. Sweep under the rug the fact that this long-term deal is being struck with a unreconciled puppet government. Ignore the fact that U.S. oil interests will get their fair share confirming the terrorist battle cry. All that matters is that the boy president has been vindicating and the Democrats find themselves in a bind. So, yay, Bush wins! Mission accomplished (again)! Today is a glorious day for chicken-hawks and the perseverance they displayed.

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  • All prognostications about Iraq may be premature. An estimated two million Sunnis have left the country since the American occupation, the newest mass-refugee Diaspora. Encouraged by the recent lull in violence, a small number of expatriate Iraqis have started to return, according to recent news accounts. But what happens when they try to reclaim their former homes now occupied by squatters, mostly Shiites? A prescription for future violence, one might say.

    One should never make assumptions or predict outcomes in this part of the world. Former President of France, Jacques Chirac, understood this. Chirac served on the French side of the Algerian War as a young conscript. He learned the hard way about nationalist fervor and witnessed the carnage in millions.

    Chirac tried to convince Tony Blair about the folly of Iraq. Blair didn’t listen … or even bother to consider the experience of his own country when the British tried to reclaim Iraq after WWI.

    The Iraq War is by no means over, and my comments here should not be interpreted as some wish fulfillment for failure.

    Quite the contrary, my daughter is an officer currently deployed in Iraq. The time is long overdue to bring her and all American troops home ... and leave the judgement of George W. Bush to history.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:27 AM  

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