Friday, October 26, 2007

Election round-up

By Carl

I'm going to cherry pick some updated poll numbers from
Rasmussen Reports:

1) Holy crap! The telling statistic?

For what it’s worth, the overall numbers show Hillary Clinton at 45%, Rudy Giuliani at 35%, and Colbert at 13%.

The other match-up shows Clinton at 46%, Thompson at 34% and Colbert at 12%.

Meaning, Colbert is eating away REPUBLICAN VOTERS more than Democrats! Could it be that people take his show seriously?

2) No surprise here that the former governor of the state next door would have a pretty big lead. It should be bigger, and probably speaks to Romney's flip flopping. In many ways, it's harder on Republican candidates when the showcase primary is in a Northeastern state which is split fairly evenly between conservative and liberal constituencies.

3) Mike Huckabee... MIKE HUCKABEE???!?!?!... is making a
serious run. Eesh.

4) Assuming she survives a primary challenge, Liddy Dole
should cruise to re-election. It's an odd contrast, Dole to Clinton, since both were elected at roughly the same time. Where Clinton has made herself an effective senator and legislator, Dole has, well, been a Dole.

5) Really, the only question regarding the Democratic presidential primaries is if
Hillary can top 50%. I know there are an awful lot of deeply progressive people out there for whom voting for Hillary would be like voting for Bush. Again. Sorry.

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