Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A debatable presidential primary turning point

By Creature

The Dems take the stage to debate tonight in Philly. If my numbers are right this is debate number 712 and with 65 days to go before the public gets to cast their first vote tonight's Democratic battle is shaping up to be a do-or-die event for Obama and Edwards in their quest to bump Hillary off her inevitable throne.

Obama, grasping for an issue that will stick, will go after Hillary on Social Security--much to the chagrin of progressives everywhere since this was an issue the Dems had successfully put to bed years ago.

Edwards, who has not been lacking the will to attack Hillary directly, will continue beating his special-interest drum, with, hopefully, a bit of free trade thrown in to boot--a winning issue for Edwards.

Personally, my Constitution-loving sights will be set on Senator Dodd. After a strong few weeks fighting against telcom retroactive immunity and now standing tall against the Constitutionally-confused attorney general nomination, Mukasey, Dodd is poised to make a move from the basement to hopefully Richardson territory--and, yes, how irrelevant has Richardson become lately.

Overall, for the first debate in a while, I'm looking forward to seeing the Dems together on stage tonight. Not only for the punches I hope they throw at each other, but, as TPM reader KB astutely suggests, for the punches they should all begin to throw at the war-mongering GOPers on the other side of the ticket.

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