Thursday, September 27, 2007

Something told me . . .

By Carol Gee

. . . to take a quick look at the Iraq Coalition Casualties website. It had been weeks since I had done so. What I saw sent a chill through me. A new milestone -- 3800 -- has been reached.
And I know that others will report this, also.

And I understand that is just a reported number, no more or no less tragic than #3799 or #3801. However, each of the three people killed in this set of numbers was absolutely and uniquely dear and precious to their families, buddies, friends and acquaintances. And to us.

What I do not understand is why. Something told me the U.S. invasion of Iraq was looming at the end of 2000. Something told me that Congress would go along. And they still are. And I don't understand that, either.

What I do understand is that 3800 brave men and women have died for their country during the war in Iraq. And I am so very sorry.

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