Thursday, August 23, 2007

The End of Maliki

By Creature

AP: Report Will Be Critical of Iraq Leader

A lukewarm vote of confidence from the president, a strongman coup being plotted, Hillary on board with Maliki's ouster--and maybe we have to wonder if she's not working in concert with the Bushies to help his end along, and now a new report critical of the Iraqi prime minister. With the military-half of the surge being spun as victory, this is the next phase in Bush's grand attempt to stall the war until it's his turn to run out the White House back-door. You see, we can't leave, we need to give the new Iraq, Maliki-free, government a chance.

The tick-tock strategy continues.

Update: Juan Cole has more on the coup rumors. So much for democracy, beacons, and all that freedom jazz.

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