Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Long, beautiful hair

By Creature

I was able to catch a good deal of the groundbreaking, first of its kind, super-spectacular, people-powered, YouTube Democratic debate last night and while all the pundits praised the format [see, X's post at SotD], I couldn't help think it was simply a more impersonal form of town hall event with really crappy production values.

Sure there is power when a gay couple is on the screen asking why they can't get married, but wouldn't it be even more powerful if they were there in person?

Overall, I came away liking John Edwards more. I have a baseline like for Edwards, but I've never been convinced he has the weight--in a leadership sense--to be president. His war vote still bothers me and his performance against Cheney in 2004 still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. But, last night, possibly when he attacked Bush for his vacations, or more likely when he went after the heath care establishment, something changed. For a moment I saw him as presidential.

Though it's possible my entire opinion about Edwards was swayed by this:

Brilliant, simply brilliant.

Update: I'm not the only one who thinks Edwards found his voice last night.

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