Sunday, July 15, 2007


By Libby Spencer

We were treated to double dose of Kristol clownery this morning. One can almost smell the skunk of our cowardly con's sweaty terror as he Kristolizes the facts in defense of his failed surge theory. It's not even worth quoting his latest tautology. You get the feeling he doesn't believe his own banal sloganery anymore and his heart's just not in it.

He's reduced to the same old tired out taunting. Defeatists aren't serious about security and anybody who doesn't agree that creating a region-wide human slaughterhouse in the Middle East is a great idea, hates America and that for which she stands. Which by the way, in Kristolonia would be corporate profits.

Willie musters up a bit more enthusiasm for his companion piece, a defense of the Bush presidency. Here he takes us on a tour of Kristolonia's famed What If Forest where Medicare D is a rousing success, beloved by all senior citizens, and George the Great courageously slews the evil hordes of demons, bringing peace and prosperity to all the lands. No wonder these neo-cons prefer to construct their own reality. It sounds like a much prettier place than the world the rest of us live in.

Update: Anonymous Liberal looks back and recalls the glory days of Kristol's confidence.

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