Friday, July 06, 2007

Is it January 2007 yet?

By J. Kingston Pierce

Just how bad are things getting for the Bush administration? Well, a new poll from the American Research Group shows that 54 percent of all adults questioned (and 50 percent of registered voters) favor the U.S. House of Representatives commencing impeachment proceedings against Dick Cheney, while the country divides almost evenly on whether to impeach and remove George W. Bush from office as well.

By comparison, former Wonkette Ana Marie Cox notes in
Time’s Swampland blog that prior to President Bill Clinton’s partisan impeachment in 1998, a paltry 26 percent of Americans surveyed said that any such proceedings should begin.

Not surprisingly, decisive majorities of Democrats would like to fire both Bush and Cheney, while more than three-quarters of Republican’ts still oppose impeachment of either man. If that split left independents to decide the matter, we’d be looking at new White House management. As
TPM Café observes, “Among independents, 50% favor starting impeachment proceedings against President Bush, to only 30% opposed. And 51% of independents are also for starting impeachment proceedings against Dick Cheney, to 29% opposed.”

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