Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The WMDs! The WMDs!

By Michael J.W. Stickings

They've been found!

But don't get too excited. They're not what or where you think they are:

1) They're American, not Iraqi.

2) They're at the bottom of the ocean all around the U.S.



I found this interesting post at a site called Deep Sea News -- which I didn't know existed until just now. (Isn't the Internet great?) It includes a map of "WMDs close to home," and it's scary stuff.

Back in November 2005, the old DSN site explained the situation (or part of it): "Recently unclassified data shows 64 million pounds of nerve gas and mustard gas; 400,000 chemical bombs, landmines and rockets, and 500 tons of radioactive waste dumped in the sea before Congress banned the practice in 1972." Also: "New Zealand recently made a diplomatic query into the matter, because new records show the US dumped allied and enemy stockpiles off whatever country the weapons were in when World War II ended. Those countries include Australia, India, Japan, Italy, France and Denmark. It is unclear whether New Zealand is affected, but deep currents can disperse deadly materials over broad scales."

There has been extensive coverage of this story -- which I suspect is unknown to many -- at the Daily Press (Newport News, Virginia). The "Special Report" is called "The Deadliness Below," and I encourage you to have a look (and to read through it). If I may make a gross understatement, it's quite something.

Who knew the U.S. was literally surrounded by WMDs?

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  • Given that the military destroyed pacific islands in atomic testing and polluted our land with weapons development and atomic testing in Nevada, it is not surprising that they also contaminated the oceans as well. All in the name of defending our nation - what hypocrisy...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:46 PM  

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