Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Le Débat

By Michael J.W. Stickings

Get your Sarkozy-Royal debate coverage here. The assessment: "Despite [some] clashes, neither candidate appeared to score a decisive blow."

Some key excerpts:

Royal: "I want to get France out of the situation it's in today... I want to be the president of the republic who's going to make a France where aggression and violence are in retreat, who's going to make a France that will win the battle against unemployment and a high cost of living, who will also enable inequalities to recede, because I believe that all these kinds of insecurity in daily life -- social insecurity -- call for new rules of the game, call for a new political system, call basically for more effective politicians than those of the last five years and, no doubt, beyond."

Sarkozy: "I want to create that change in France that others have conducted in other countries, so that France remains faithful to its identity. There's no reason why we should not have full employment, that we should not manage to have immigration under control. I want workers to be respected. I want to carry the question of purchasing power. I want to protect the French of companies moving abroad."

You can read more about their respective policies here.

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  • Sarko's plan for a department of French identity gives me the creeps. As if racism in France needs to be any more institutionalized.

    Another thing: he's mostly Hungarian, not French. It just seems perplexing why he'd have such a harsh stance on immigration given his background.

    As for Sego, I truly hope she wins. I like how she appeals for social progress along with National growth and development. Her politics are sensible, but not heartless. Meanwhile, Sarko appeals to an "us against them" sentiment. He presents himself as a tough guy ready shake things up. He's ready to mow over his opponents and punish all those undesirables ruining the country and preventing France from becoming the glorious world power it's supposed to be.

    The polls aren't in her favor, but I truly hope to see Mme Royal elected the first female president of France on Sunday.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:47 AM  

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