Thursday, May 03, 2007

An exorcism

By Creature

O.K., I confess. I am watching Keith Olbermann's pre-game to the GOP presidential debate. I'm loving the fact that Keith is, well, being Keith and that his audience tonight potentially has a ton of usually loyal FOX News fans. Across Red America heads are spinning as they listen to Keith berate their Commander Guy. And Keith's not alone. Read this GOP-on-the-ropes spin those tender-eared Republicans had to hear:

Howard Fineman: [T]he problem here is that the old conservative coalition, which was built by Ronald Reagan, in who's building we are, and really perfected, if not over-perfected, by George W. Bush, is now falling apart. It's falling apart on defense It's falling apart on government, because George Bush has been a big government conservative so a lot of them dislike him for that, and a lot of evangelical Christians don't find any of these candidates to their liking. So those three parts of the conservative movement have fallen apart before our eyes and with it the Republican party over Iraq.

Ouch. MSNBC's not going to win over many FOX viewers with insight like that. This GOP debate night* is turning out to be more fun than I thought it would be.

*I will not be watching the actual debate however. The two-tuner DVR is full-up on Thursday's. Earl, Office, Survivor, Scrubs, CSI easily beat a bunch of sorry looking grumpy old men for my viewing dollar.

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