Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Empty slogans, perpetual war

By Creature

Chip Reid on MSNBC clarifies the GOP's September "timeline" position:

However, we have talked to aids to John Boehner, who talked about the need for a plan B sometime in the fall, and Trent Lott, who said he wants to see some kind of results by the fall, they say they are simply stating the obvious. That what's going on here is the Republicans are saying that when Patreous comes back they want to hear how things are going, if they are not going well Plan B doesn't mean withdrawing troops, these Republican officials say, they say it means another plan for success. So, Democrats are seizing on these [September] remarks saying see the Republicans too have timetables here and they're hinting at withdrawing troops. The Republicans say that's not what they are talking about. When they talk about about a Plan B it's not getting the troops out, it's some other plan for success.

It's official now, the Friedman's will continue.

(H/T: my DVR -- Cross-posted at State of the Day.)

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