Thursday, May 31, 2007

Creature's Corner

By Creature

I am a 77 year-old man who works as a columnist for a major newspaper in Washington DC (some call me the "dean" of all DC columnists, go me!). I generally consider myself a serious person, but lately I've been finding myself searching for ponies in unlikely places. Yes, ponies. I never had a pony growing up, could this be the reason for my searching? Help me, Creature. I need to know if this is normal.
-Always Searching Somewhere

ASS, ASS, ASS, You need to get out more. While never having had a pony may cause one to search for ponies in unlikely places, this obsessive searching can be attributed more to the fact that your head is stuck so far up the collective asses of the DC establishment you simply can't see that there are no ponies and there never will be. You may think you are a serious person, ASS, but your pony search is downright silly.

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