Monday, April 30, 2007

Puff the Magic Dragon

By Capt. Fogg

Is it a coating of non-stick Teflon that keeps things from sticking to Rollicking Rush Limbaugh, or is it just ordinary slime he's covered with? Perhaps, if he bothers to explain himself at all, he will tell us that public figures like Barack Obama are fair game for race baiting while college girls are not, but I'm waiting to see the kind of reaction we got to Imus's comment. I'm waiting in fact to hear any update on the story that appeared in Crooks and Liars last Friday much less the racist barb he tossed at the Illinois Senator last January. It may be a long wait.

Rush playing "Barack the Magic Negro" to the tune of the silly Peter, Paul & Mary song from the '60s on his radio show is only the latest in a career of ugliness, pettyness, maliciousness, and malignant bullying that should have ended years ago. Whether it's blatant racism or whether it's calling an adolescent girl a dog on nationwide TV, there have been too many incidents egregious enough to have him fired and blacklisted -- and yet here he is, smelly phallic cigar in his fat mouth, stinking up the pristine Florida air and the public airwaves.

It's time the media stop hiding behind a disclaimer and fire the bastard.

(Cross-posted at Human Voices.)

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  • Just a note from a friendly ditto head to keep the facts straight on Rush's little parody.

    The original source of the subject matter in the parody (yes, that means something to take lightly or a joke), was from an L.A. times editorial by a black columnist. I forget his name.

    The link to the article was on Rush's web site at one point, but I bet you are not a member.

    I do not see how Rush and Paul Shankler (a humorist who makes his living with parodies) is ugly, petty, or malicious, when they didn't make it up themselves. They were just putting a humorous face on the story.

    Do you attack other public figures who also make comments that could be construed as ugly, or just the ones you don't like? I can still remember the "plantation" comment from Hillary, not to mention many others.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:07 PM  

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