Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dick Cheney deserves a punch in the mouth

By Michael J.W. Stickings

Seriously. With all that's been going on at Walter Reed, and elsewhere, and with all the evidence that Bush is screwing the vets, Dick Cheney still has the nerve -- although one wonders if he feels anything at all, if he thinks anything other than what he is programmed to think -- to accuse Congress, the Democratic Congress (of course), not only of "not supporting the troops" but actually of "undermining them" (emphasis mine).


Yes, this is exactly what the warmongers like Cheney mean by "supporting the troops": Not sending them off to risk their lives in a war that makes no sense, not denying them adequate care upon their return, but supporting Bush and funding his wars.

Supporting Bush = Supporting the troops.

Get it?

And if you don't support Bush and fund his wars (with a blank cheque, no less), you don't support the troops. In fact, you undermine them. And you support the terrorists. You're with the enemy.

Not supporting Bush = Supporting the terrorists.

See how it goes?

It's so fucking ridiculous. (And so fucking desperate.) Is there a bigger asshole in U.S. politics than Dick Cheney?

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