Monday, February 19, 2007

Hillary Clinton's lesser babka

By Michael J.W. Stickings

In a belated attempt to look like she's as serious about stopping the Iraq War as her fellow Democratic presidential candidates and as other leading Democrats like Senators John Kerry and Russ Feingold, Hillary Clinton "has called for a 90-day deadline to start pulling American troops from Iraq".

Here's how she put it in a video on her website: "Now it's time to say the redeployment should start in 90 days or the Congress will revoke authorization for this war."

Rather, Congress will try to revoke authorization. Senate Republicans still have the filibuster and Bush and his allies will fight any attempt to curtail his warmongering.

Better late than never for Clinton to beef up her bona fides, but, if I may reference one of the greatest Seinfeld episodes of all, she's like the guest who brings a chocolate babka to the party after everyone else has already arrived with chocolate babka in hand. Clinton may hope her anti-war effort is the cinnamon babka to everyone else's chocolate babka, but I'm pretty sure she's going in with a lesser babka here.

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