Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The window has closed for Saddam

By Grace

The Iraqi Appeals Court has
rejected Saddam Hussein's appeal and upheld his death sentence; no further appeals will be heard, nor will his sentence be commuted. According to the BBC, he was "convicted of human rights abuses in relation to the killings of the 148 Shias in Dujail, north of Baghdad".

In accordance with Iraqi law, and as stated by the judge, Arif Shaheen, "[the time until execution] cannot exceed 30 days. As from [tomorrow] the sentence could be carried out at any time."

So, it is done. Unless something drastic changes, Saddam's fate appears to be sealed. Within a month's time, he will hang.

Some critics have called the sentencing a "victors' justice". I won't and can't defend the actions of Saddam Hussein in any way: There is no excusing the violation of human rights and the killing of innocent human beings. However, I stand in opposition of the death penalty, so I cannot and will not defend this sentence either.


UPDATE: The BBC has more here. Saddam sees his death as a "sacrifice" and himself as a "true martyr". -- MJWS

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