Monday, December 04, 2006

Is Bush planning to use nuclear weapons against Iran?

By Heraclitus

Via everyone's favorite hipster meanie, there's this post by tristero at Hullabaloo, suggesting that Bush's plan to redeploy troops in Iraq is just a ploy to prepare for a nuclear attack on Iran. tristero's post perhaps draws a bit too heavily on the work of one Seymour Hersh to be taken at face value, but I think it's something we all need to be looking out for. It may seem far-fetched or insane, and indulging in fears that such a thing will happen may seem too partisan or Bush-bashitastic, but consider Amanda's response to these objections.

The question I ask myself when I start to wonder if it’s possible that Bush and his crew are batshit enough to deliberately arrange things so that they “get” to kill god only knows how many innocent people with a nuclear bomb is this: What is the likelihood that he can be convinced to let go of the dream of being the President with the balls to do it? I know it sounds stupid and immature to frame refraining from full scale massacre as some sort of emasculation, but before you write that off, take a moment to consider how, at every turn, the Bushies have demonstrated that they think that anything short of being a nasty, brutish bully is a sure sign you’ve turned into a girl. Let’s just hope the Democrats can find a way to stop him.

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