Saturday, November 25, 2006

More on Pelosi, Harman, and Hastings

By Michael J.W. Stickings

Salon's Joe Conason weighed in yesterday on what is shaping up to be a huge, ongoing embarrassment for Pelosi and the Democrats if Harman is bypassed for Hastings, a corrupt former federal judge who was impeached and convicted by Congress, and hence removed from office, and whose "service on the [House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI)] has been neither noteworthy nor distinguished".

But if it's not to be Harman, at least let it be, as Conason suggests, Rush Holt (D-NJ), "a physicist and former State Department intelligence officer who is not only highly qualified to chair HPSCI but also has served on the committee with distinction."

Anyone but Hastings? Well, yes. I think it should be Harman, as I've said before, but, if not, any Democrat on the committee would be better than Hastings.

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