Thursday, October 05, 2006

Women to be Stoned in Iran

By Heraclitus

Seven women have been sentenced to be stoned to death in Iran for adultery (or "crimes against chastity"). Ali Eteraz has a list of eight things to do to try to prevent this. Apparently, activists in the US have received confirmation from within Iran that previous action by Western activists have prevented past death sentences from being carried out. Eteraz has letters for you to send to Iranian government officials. You'll notice that they're quite fulsome and obsequious, which may seem a little inappropriate, what with the barbarism and all. But the reality is that firing off angry emails denouncing "mullahs" isn't going to do anything to help these women.

So, let's be like those Democrats we keep hearing about, and be pragmatic.

(Via Jill and Jessica.)

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