Sunday, October 29, 2006

Wolf defends himself

By Michael J.W. Stickings

Against Lynne Cheney and her idiocy:

On Friday, Lynne Cheney repeatedly attacked CNN for having a liberal bias during a combative appearance on the Situation Room. At one point, she criticized CNN for “running terrorist tapes, terrorists shooting Americans” and asked Wolf Blitzer, “Do you want us to win?” She also repeatedly asked Blitzer to end his line of questioning and focus on her new children’s book.

Today on CNN’s Late Edition, Blitzer said he was “surprised” at Cheney’s “sniping at my patriotism,” and pointed out that CNN had specifically labeled the tape of a U.S. soldier under fire as terrorist “propaganda.” He also said that CNN had made clear to Cheney’s staff “only hours before the interview” that she would be asked questions about politics during her appearance, not just about her children’s book.

Think Progress has the video and the transcript.

It's about time someone of Blitzer's stature stood up against this conservative bullshit.

For more, see Digby, Shakespeare's Sister, John Aravosis, and David Neiwert.

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