Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wheels coming off the GOP bus

By Heraclitus

First Bush has to call a meeting to shore up his support among conservative talk-show hosts like Dr. Laura, Michael Medved, and, yes, even Sean effing Hannity. Now Bill O'Reilly has taken him on over waterboarding, demanding to know whether the US government is doing it. Bush avoids answering, and O'Reilly replies.

But if the public doesn't know what torture is or is not, as defined by the Bush administration, how can the public make a decision on whether your policy is right or wrong?

Damn, Bill O'Reilly is better on torture than the Democrats. Nice work, gents (and ladies, of course). Andrew Sullivan has more.


UPDATE: But just as New York City is not the United States, so Bill O'Reilly is not Fox News. The invaluable Glenn Greenwald has an excellent post on the new torture/detention bill signed by Bush, and how it was covered on Fox News. Please read it.

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