Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tell me another one

Guest post by Capt. Fogg

"I know nothing!"

-- Sgt. Hans Georg Schultz


The question isn't how many Republicans it takes to screw in a light bulb, or screw a country or screw up an economy. It doesn't matter; we have enough of them to screw everybody and screw up everything. The question I'm most interested in is this: How many irrefutable facts, how much credible testimony, official documents, records, and videotapes does it take to force a Republican to admit she's been lying?

Are they all going to decide suddenly, like Mark Foley caught with his pants down, that they're alcoholics in need of treatment, or are they going to admit that everything they predicted was wrong, all the facts presented in evidence were fabricated, and all the denials they have made in denial of all the damning evidence were lies? Yes, of course, I'm being facetious. Rummy and Cheney would simply melt into a hissing puddle before either would confess, Bush's peanut brain is far too coke-ravaged and God-besotted to be able to conceive of being in the wrong, and Condi... Ah yes, lyin' little Condoleezza, George Bush’s Sergeant Schultz. She will just keep handing out the lies with those unblinking cobra eyes, like one of those old penny arcade fortune teller machines, without hesitation and with no regard to what was handed out moments before.

So was the Bush Administration warned that al Qaeda was about to attack? Did they snub the urgent reports of Richard Clarke and George Tenet? Of course they didn't, even though it can be proven that they did.

How many Republicans do you need to march over a cliff before they admit that the law of gravity isn't a Liberal Myth? Inquiring minds want to know.

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