Friday, October 27, 2006

Read the Signs

By Creature

Jeff, Dave, whatever, so long as he hates the gays too. The Anonymous Liberal explains:

Jeff Lamberti is one of the few Republican candidates willing to be seen in public with the President, and the President can't even bother to get his name right. He called him Dave, repeatedly. Hilarious.

And here is the transcript:

This campaign only ends after the voters have had a chance to speak. No doubt in my mind, with your help, Dave [sic] Lamberti will be the next United States congressman. (Applause.)

Dave [sic] and I believe a lot of things. We believe that you ought to keep more of your own money. We believe in family values. We believe values are important. And we believe marriage is a fundamental institution of civilization.

Another example of the president with his blinders on.

The NYT has more on the GOP's rush to "reignite" the issue of gay marriage.

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