Friday, October 06, 2006

Latest round of dithering on Darfur

By Heraclitus

Sudan has sent a threatening letter to the UN, telling them that Sudan would regard a UN peace-keeping force in Darfur as a "hostile act." Well, yes, it would be. That's the point. You have to be hostile with states coordinating genocide.

Kofi Annan proclaims that the region is "on the brink of catastrophe." Two hundred thousand people people have already been murdered and two million displaced. What exactly is Kofi Annan's definition of "catastrophe?"

Meanwhile, I'm reduced to rooting for John Bolton, who, with his awful moustache and pseudo-swagger, is clearly the poor man's Sam Elliot.


Update: Sudan retracts the threatening letter, and says it would "accept the UN providing training and logistical support to the AU force, whose mandate has been extended until the end of 2006."

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