Wednesday, October 18, 2006

James Dobson, child torturer

By Heraclitus

A week or so ago, when I wrote about two new wingnut books coming out soon, I mentioned the stand-up work Michael Bérubé has done exposing crackpots like Dinesh D'Souza and David Horowitz to much-deserved ridicule. I somehow forgot to mention his treatment of James Dobson, of "Focus on the Family" fame. More recently, David Kuo has disclosed that higher-ups in the White House thought Dobson "had to be controlled." They didn't know how right they were. Check out
Bérubé's post on how Dobson wants you to "discipline" your child.

In books like Dare to Discipline and The Strong-Willed Child: Birth through Adolescence, Dr. Dobson promoted an entire regime of child torture, starting with the wooden spoons and moving right through neck-pinching, with special tips on how to produce maximal pain on tiny necks while leaving minimal physical signs of abuse. How could I have forgotten? So this is why these people didn’t have any problem with Abu Ghraib!

That's right, Dobson isn't talking about spanking your kids. He's talking about torturing them, and he knows damned well this is child abuse, so he gives you helpful hints on how to hide the abuse. Bérubé's post is worth reading in full. Yea, wingnuts!!

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