Wednesday, October 18, 2006

1994 all over again, in reverse

By Michael J.W. Stickings

Are Democrats poised for victory in November? A new NBC/WSJ poll says yes -- well, maybe. The Dems are in pretty good shape -- or, rather, the Republicans are in truly terrible shape. Indeed, "the Republican Party is on more unstable ground than Democrats were in 1994". And you know what happened back then. History may be about to be repeated.

Unless Republicans, as seems ever more likely with each passing political disaster, succeed in terrifying voters with the specter of imminent terrorism. Even that might not be enough to stave off defeat, given their massive and well-deserved unpopularity, but, running on empty, terrifying votes is what they'll try to do. As Creature put it just now, the fear is about to begin.

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  • Its long been said that what goes around comes around and this new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll seems to be an indication that the GOP is fast approaching a first hand encounter with the short end of the proverbial stick. For the Party that has sought to make terror and fear the surf and turf of their pre-election voter menu, they may instead find themselves bogged down in the sands of scandal as a fast approaching wave is about to sweep them out of power in a classic example of voter house cleaning.

    Clearly, the most significant finding in this new poll is that the Democrats may be finally closing the deal with voters...something they have been unable to achieve in recent election cycles. If the Democrats are in fact now seen as a favorable alternative to the GOP, it may well signal that the country has not only rejected more of the same from the Republican Party but decided that the nation needs to move in a decidedly new direction.

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