Thursday, September 28, 2006

The offensive Lieberman offensive

By Michael J.W. Stickings

Republicrat Joe Lieberman may hold a 10-point lead over Democratic challenger Ned Lamont in their Connecticut Senate race, at least according to a new poll, but, more and more, the word "scumbag" comes to mind.

What else to call him, after all, for going on the offensive on a conservative website, Pajamas Media, and criticizing Democrats Al Gore, Ted Kennedy, and Chris Dodd for supporting the Democratic nominee, Ned Lamont? He still claims to be something of a Democrat, does he not? And yet he lost the Democratic primary even though quite a few prominent Democrats supported him over Lamont (the Clintons, for example).

Let me repeat that: Lieberman lost. He is not the Democratic nominee. And he's upset that these loyal Democrats, including his senior running mate in 2000, are supporting the Democratic nominee?

Matt Stoller of MyDD may be right that "this is not a smart political move by Lieberman," but it's also downright offensive. And it's just another reason why all Democrats in Connecticut should go with Lamont.

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