Saturday, September 30, 2006

Good fences

By Heraclitus

The U.S. Senate has voted in favor of building a 700-foot wall along the border with Mexico.
Lincoln Chafee, who at present is probably the most respectable member of the Senate, voted against it. 26 Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, voted in favor. The Washington Post has more:

The measure was pushed hard by House Republican leaders, who badly wanted to pass a piece of legislation that would make good on their promises to get tough on illegal immigrants, despite warnings from critics that a multibillion-dollar fence would do little to address the underlying economic, social and law enforcement problems, or to prevent others from slipping across the border.

[See also Rox Populi. -- MJWS]

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  • Fence or no fence, migrants will decamp their pueblos and run for the border. It's partly tradition - there are towns where generations have done this - and partly an extreme lack of opportunities. About the only people who will profit from this are coyotes, whose fees should become a lot higher as the border becomes trickier to cross.

    By Blogger David Agren, at 7:19 PM  

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