Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bolton to the end

Is it really over for John Bolton at the U.N., as I reported -- hopefully, gleefully -- last Saturday? One would think so, given that his nomination, according to WaPo, "appears increasingly endangered in the Senate".

But it ain't over yet. For it seems that the White House is "[exploring] other ways to keep him in the job after his temporary appointment expires in January".

Other ways? Like what?

WaPo refers to "a lobbying campaign," one directed specifically at Sen. Lincoln Chafee, but why stop there? Perhaps the best way to keep Bolton at the U.N. would be to suspend democracy. I mean, that wouldn't be too much of a stretch, would it? By doing away with the Senate's constitutional role as adviser and consenter, indeed, by circumventing the Senate altogether, the White House could get what it wants without all the fuss, hassle, and bother of having to deal with what it evidently considers to be a lesser, submissive branch of government.

The Constitution be damned! This is war!

When it happens, give me some credit for having called it first.

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