Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Beebe extends lead in Arkansas; Cantwell leaps ahead in Washington

A new Rasmussen poll puts Democrat Mike Beebe ahead of Republican Asa Hutchinson by 11 points in the Arkansas gubernatorial race, 49% to 38%, the first time the lead has been in double digits since May.

Both candidates have the support of party loyalists, but this could be the difference-maker: "When asked whom they trust more on matters relating to national security and Iraq, 48% say the Democrats in Congress and 43% say President Bush. When the same question is asked of the economy, respondents are more decided: 51% trust Congressional Democrats and 38% trust the president."

Those are some incredible numbers — Incredible? Actually, I find them quite credible. Aside from "values"-oriented wedge issues like same-sex marriage, Bush has governed (sorry, "governed") largely on terrorism and taxes. But even in a generally conservative state like Arkansas, voters have had enough, are saying so to pollsters, and may take it out on Republicans like Hutchinson in November.

No wonder Bush seems so desperate to regain control of the 9/11-terrorism-Iraq narrative.


new Rasmussen poll puts Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell ahead of Republican Mike McGavick by 17 points in the Washington senatorial race, 52% to 35%, a jump of 11 points from a mid-August poll.

Good news indeed.

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