Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What do White House staffers make?

National Journal has the salary list here. Top staffers like Bolten, Rove, Hadley, Miers, Bartlett, and Snow make $165,200 per year. Those at the low end make just $30,000.

Of course, a six-figure salary allows for a comfortable (if not extravagant) existence -- even, one presumes, in Washington. But if it troubles you that someone like Rove makes the maximum, just think what he and all the others at the top could make in the private sector. They're clearly not there for the money. (Surely the power, or the proximity thereto, is enough of a draw.)

To me, this is more troubling: "Those at the bottom of the White House staff pay scale -- the folks answering phones and responding to the president’s mail, for example -- remain stuck at last year’s pay floor of $30,000... At that level, the White House aide who keeps a log of the gifts sent to the president makes about as much as the average starting pay for a public school teacher. At $15 an hour, that’s almost three times the national minimum wage of $5.15."

Gift analysts. Public school teachers. You decide who deserves to make more money.

Something isn't right.

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  • I suspect that for those at the top, there are a lot of perks for working at the white house. I am thinking free food and various other benefits that don't come into their pay.
    Many teachers, even starting ones, make more than 30,000. It depends on the district, the need, the level of specialization, etc. It varies quite a lot.
    And for $15/hr, well, there are people who probably work cash registers at a white house store and who change the lightbulbs and who pick up cigarette butts off the lawn. $15/hr seems like fair enough pay for those kinds of things. It'd be terrible if they were making minimum wage -- we'd be calling the White House cheap.

    On the other hand, I am always into more money for education. Our brains is alls we gots.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:23 PM  

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