Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Question of the day (sort of)

By Creature

Ken Lay, the man who brought us the first corporate downfall in a string of corporate downfalls -- how simple life was back then, is dead. The recently convicted Enron founder was admitted to the hospital with a massive coronary and died soon after. Here is what Michael Ramsey, Lay's lead attorney, recently had to say regarding his client and the fall of Enron:
"He lost a fortune, his family lost a fortune, he can certainly feel the pain of the people that lost money in it, he will feel that till the day he dies," Ramsey said.

"Feel that till the day he dies." Bastard got off easy then.

Paul the Spud asks the mother of all questions over at Shake's place:

I wonder if Bush will attend the funeral?

Exactly, if Bush doesn't go pay his respects to Kenny Boy's family, then Bush is officially the biggest political tool ever.

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