Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Coddling Osama

By Creature

Yesterday Congress finally got in on the treatment-of-terror-detainees action only to find the Bush administration couldn't give a crap about what they think.

It was an aggressive performance for an administration that wants Congress to create a new legal system to deal with the 1,000 terrorism suspects in custody. But administration officials are confident that the legislative branch will do the White House's bidding -- in part because lawmakers who oppose Bush's wishes can be accused of coddling terror.

I'm going to assume the coddling of terror accusations will cross party lines seeing as how the Bushies have a disdain for Congress as an institution. So why is it that even if the GOP fights the administration's hubris that it's the Democrats that will get the brunt of the coddling brand? Even in Supreme Court defeat the administration wins, 'cause, you know, the president is always right. And defeat is always victory, when reality is created as opposed to lived.

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