Friday, June 09, 2006

Zarqawi news

The BBC looks at how U.S. forces found Zarqawi, the new leads uncovered in post-bombing raids, what the killing will mean for Bush, what may happen to al Qaeda in Iraq after Zarqawi, and what a post-Zarqawi Iraq may be like. It also provides an obituary of the departed terrorist.

The Washington Post also looks at the bombing mission and post-Zarqawi Iraq. See also this.

Obviously, there's much more to be found elsewhere, but these are all good pieces.

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  • MJWS - I am surprised to read that you think the death of Zarqawi is significant at all. After all, if the offing of just one bad guy would solve the problems of this war, even in as much as to hit the 'pause' button on the violence for a few hours, then clearly the death toll would have afforded some peace by now. I cannot believe that any man, no matter how magnetic his personality, is capable of wielding that much power without his having one thing that the offensive failed to kill: followers. I think the real danger lies with them, and his death certainly carries with it the risk of martyrdom...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:15 AM  

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