Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Toronto terrorism threat (UPDATE 7)

The Globe and Mail is reporting that "[t]he RCMP has quietly broken up at least a dozen terrorist groups in the past two years". These were "disruptions of national-level terrorist groups across the country," according to RCMP briefing notes for Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day.


It has been widely reported that one of the arrested suspects' targets was Parliament Hill in Ottawa and that the suspects had planned to take MPs hostage (as well as to kill Prime Minister Harper). According to the Toronto Star, however, this "alleged plot... was abandoned at an early stage because the suspects — who hail from southern Ontario — knew little about Ottawa".


Meanwhile: "Two suspects have been taken into custody in England for questioning in connection with the weekend terror arrests in Canada, according to a report on the BBC." The Star has the story here. The BBC report is here.

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