Friday, June 09, 2006

Scattered, fragmentary acts of violence

By Creature

From yesterday's gaggle, we have Tony Snow being an ass. The quote below is in response to a question regarding the impact that al Zarqawi's death will have on the violence in Iraq.

This also gives us an opportunity to look at the war in a different way. Quite often it's very easy to measure what's gone on in Iraq in terms of explosions and IEDs. We have been crushing the opposition, but what happens is the opposition has been controlling the airwaves with scattered, fragmentary acts of violence.

First, we're "crushing the opposition?" Okay, I'll need to see the video on that one. I think if we truly were crushing the opposition, we would be hearing about it on a daily basis. The Pentagon does press conferences well. I can't imagine they let "crushing" slide.

Second, "the opposition has been controlling the airwaves?" This is just a clever way of bashing the media once again. Oh, that's right, we're crushing the opposition but the media won't show it. The media loves to show the military and their toys. C'mon Tony, you can do better than that. I won't even get into the dead media count, but I could.

And finally, "scattered, fragmentary acts of violence?" This is just insulting to the people who have lost their lives to these occasional (um, multiple times a day) acts of violence. This from CNN just a few days ago:

The main Baghdad morgue reported receiving 6,025 bodies in the first five months of the year, including those of 1,398 civilians killed in shooting attacks and other violent crimes in May, according to a high-ranking Iraqi Health Ministry official.

And these figures are just from the first five months of the year. "Scattered, fragmentary acts of violence." Incredible. These guys can't even be genuine on a good news day.

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  • Smash, -- leaving the personal attack aside -- you have no problem with Tony Snow downplaying American (and Iraqi) deaths as "scattered, fragmentary acts of violence?" Well I do. He is being dishonest by trying to spin the administration to victory. Just level with us. We can take.

    And, If by trenches you mean living a mile from ground zero. If by trenches you mean watching the first plane fly past my eyes moments before the killing began. If by trenches you mean walking past ashen, dazed, tearful people as I tried to make it back downtown to check on the well being of my loved ones. If by trenches you mean supporting liberal and progressive causes and candidates. If by trenches you mean trying to add my voice to the choir, so we never go to war again based on false pretenses again. If by trenches you mean trying to add my voice, so the administration in charge stops deceiving the American people once and for all. Then you are not looking hard enough into the trenches to see me.

    And, Smash, if your military picture means military service, I thank you for your service.

    By Blogger creature, at 12:00 AM  

  • I am also kind of appalled at "smash"'s comment - one need not be physicially entrenched in warfare to object to her politicial leader's lies of omission (or comission)... Creature, I am in your corner.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:58 AM  

  • This war is unjust, illegal, and based upon lies. Every combat death is a murder of an American. Tony Snow can spin them any way he wants, but he, like everyone else in the White House, is an accomplice to the two murderers at the top.

    By Blogger Fixer, at 4:23 AM  

  • accomplice to the two murderers at the top

    They should all be in jail.

    Thanks for weighing in Fix. And Erica, glad to have you in my corner.

    By Blogger creature, at 10:06 AM  

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