Wednesday, June 14, 2006

In case you hadn't heard

By Creature

In case you hadn't heard the GOP spin machine is working overtime right now. Victories and good news abound, and there is nary a Republican without a microphone in hand. Rejoice, America, the days of negativity are over and it's time to crow. Can someone pass the talking points? Please.

In case you hadn't heard the Iraq war is once again going swimmingly.
(civil war)
In case you hadn't heard there will be no more Iraq excuses.
(no real plan)
In case you hadn't heard the Democrats are cutting and running.
(troops as lightening rod, get them the fuck out)
In case you hadn't heard Karl Rove is owed an apology.
In case you hadn't heard the culture-of-corruption argument is dead.
(Cunningham does not equal Reid)
In case you hadn't heard George Bush is a very brave man.
In case you hadn't heard the over-there-not-over-here line is alive and well.
(dishonest rhetoric)
In case you hadn't heard we killed ourselves a terrorist last week.

I promise I'll party with the GOP* when the situation on the ground in Iraq (and America) actually changes. Until then, I'll wait and see. Political theater is so much fun.

BONUS SPIN: Karl Rove venom (he's back on his game, you know):

"Like too many Democrats it strikes me they [Mutha and Kerry] are ready to give the green light to go to war, but when it gets tough, they fall back of that party's old platform of cutting and running. They may be with you for the first few bullets but they won't be there for the last tough battles," he said.

Those words are why any Democrat who backed the war will have no credibility in November (or in '08 for that matter).

(Oh, and, Ken Mehlman is an ass. Note: This is just a general statement of opinion, I don't have any links to back up Mehlman's assiness.)
(Oh, oh, and, can't the Democrats find anyone other than Joe Biden to speak for them? The guy is everywhere on the TV.)

*I will never party with the GOP

(Cross-posted at State of the Day.)

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