Wednesday, May 31, 2006

While I was out

By Creature

I was out of town, and out of touch, when the news that George Bush's buddy Ken Lay was convicted for his Enron energy crimes and I never got a chance to let out a proper blog-cheer. So, a big belated "yay!" is in order. Yay! Now if only Bush and Cheney would follow in Ken Lay's footsteps, then I would be really happy. But why bring up old news today? Because Robert Scheer, writing at Truthdig, asks the basic question that needs to be addressed:

The Bush family consistently acted to put Enron and its longtime CEO, Ken Lay, into a position to rip off investors and taxpayers. Why is the mass media ignoring that fact now that Lay has been convicted in arguably the most egregious example of white-collar fraud in U.S. history?

Enron is a Bush story, end of story.

Read Scheer here.

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