Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Picking a fight

By Creature

How does the GOP, or at least karl Rove, intend to win in November? A quick look at the headlines today has Rove wearing his lowbrow political strategy on his sleeve:
Selection Ensures Welcome Revival of Wiretap Debate
But Republican strategists on Monday said the White House's decision to nominate Hayden, despite a certain fight over the program, reflected administration thinking that the fall elections will be won in part by motivating the traditional conservative base, using the same focus on national security that succeeded in 2002 and 2004. [Read More]
Rove prepares 20 judges
Rove’s participation in the meeting could mean the White House intends to emphasize the judiciary to rev up the conservative base in the run-up to the midterm election. The judiciary, because of its power over social issues, is a leading concern of the base. Rove is likely to spend more time wooing the base since he was shifted from a policy-oriented to a purely political-strategy role last month. [Read More]

It's classic Karl Rove. Don't offer up any programs or plans.* Don't tout your accomplishments.** No, the Republican strategy*** for holding onto the House and Senate in November is to pick a few fights with the Democrats and hope they back themselves into a base-rallying wall.

Karl Rove is nothing more than a schoolyard bully.

*Tax cuts for your wealthy friends, and the raping of America, do not count as programs or plans. Sorry, Karl.
**Tax cuts for your wealthy friends, and the raping of America, do not count as accomplishments. Sorry, Karl.
***Let's also not forget the fear-factor-plan of impeachment and investigations. I just didn't have a headline for that today.

(Thanks to memeorandum for the headline review.)

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