Friday, March 24, 2006

The sudden demise of Ben Domenech

It seems that everyone who's anyone in the blogosphere is talking about Ben Domenech -- check out Memeorandum. But -- the serious issue of plagiarism aside -- this is nothing more than a case of the blogosphere getting worked up over a non-issue and feeding upon itself to the point of supersaturated self-importance. If there's one lesson to be learned here, it's that bloggers, like regular journalists, love to talk about themselves.

Domenech's a minor conservative celebrity, that's it. He's a Republican activist, he co-founded, and he's now an editor at Regnery, a right-wing publishing house. The Post hired him to write a blog, Red America. Some liked that, some didn't. (I didn't really care.) Accusations of plagiarism emerged -- see Salon. He defended himself, but even Michelle Malkin turned against him. And so he resigned -- from the Post, "effective immediately". The Post's Howard Kurtz has more here.

That's all. So can we stop talking about this now? It's enough already.

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