Thursday, March 23, 2006

John Boehner is a dangerous idiot

Jon Stewart played the clip during his interview segment with Senator Feingold last night. Keep in mind that John Boehner is the House Majority Leader, Tom DeLay's successor, not some mentally disconnected and politically disempowered freak show on the fringes of the Republican House caucus.

Boehner on Feingold (quoted here): "Sometimes you begin to wonder if he's more interested in the safety and security of the terrorists as opposed to the American people."

Yup, this is what it's come to, a direct application of the patriotism-terrorism card. If you're with us, you're a patriot; if you're against us, you're a terrorist. That's it. They can't defend their own policies and they can't rebut criticism of those policies on the merits. So they get dirty. And, in this case, they hurl the ultimate slur of post-9/11 America: Feingold is providing aid and comfort to terrorists at the expense of the security of the American people.

I'm sorry, but this is fucking ridiculous. I know that Republicans can be so predictable, and I'm hardly surprised by this latest effort to discredit Senator Feingold, but this is utterly reprehensible.

Utterly fucking reprehensible.

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