Thursday, February 16, 2006

On the NSA scandal

Get all the latest on Bush's domestic eavesdropping program, the NSA scandal, from Gleen Greenwald -- always a must-read, especially on this story. Key passage:

The more the Administration tries to cover-up what it did and block the various investigations, the longer this scandal will endure.

And shouldn't it be painfully obvious to all of those frightened Democrats that the chest-beating claim by Bush followers that this scandal benefits Republicans is a complete bluff and sham? If it were the case that this scandal helps Republicans, they would be doing everything they could to ensure that this scandal persists and that there were as many hearings held as possible. They are doing the opposite -- they are doing everything they can to kill the scandal and make it go away. Isn't it obvious that they fear the scandal and realize it has the potential to do great harm? Why else would they be trying to suppress these investigations? Is Karl Rove's childish bravado really that blinding that it can erase basic logic?

He addresses a few other topics here, but check back regularly for updates.

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